Subject: Re: New try to install NetBSD on my TT
To: Benjamin Lorenz <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 05/16/1997 08:19:18
Hi Benni,

[ ... ]
> Okay... so NetBSD/Atari can't read Sun disklabels? (I thought the Sun
> disklabel also specifies the partition layout? Or am I wrong here?)

yes. (yes. no) ;-))

There have been discussions about support for sun/amiga/whatever disklabels,
but there does not seem to be much interest in it. At least not enough to
write the code ;-)

> Well, I can prepare a 230 MB MO disk (which is recognized as second
> disk sd1) like the following, using AHDI format:
> sd1a: / (40 MB)
> sd1b: swap (30 MB)
> sd1g: /usr (160 MB)

Ok. I suggest it to have the following AHDI-layout: 2MB - 40MB - 30MB - 160MB
You can put the inst-fs floppy images to the 2MB partition. This will show
up as 'sd[0-9]d' when using NetBSD.

> Will 'cat floppy-image1 floppy-image2 > /dev/sdb2' work, too? (under
> Linux, sdb corresponds to sd1...) Or do I have to use dd like you
> explained above?

I think this should work too.

> Next problem, when booting the newest kernel with loadbsd -b <kernel>,
> I don't get the prompt where I can enter the root device.
> Last line is something like: "md0: auto-loading [...] size: <some number>
> Then, the system seems to be crashed (cant type anything, no
> responses).

The last line reads: 'md0: auto-load on open. Size <number>' ? If so,
it somehow crashes while getting the disklabels from your scsi-disks. Is
there something special on the first disk?

> Is there a problem with the -b option and newer kernels?

No that _I_ know of.