Subject: Re: New try to install NetBSD on my TT
To: Benjamin Lorenz <>
From: Absolute(Zero) <>
List: port-atari
Date: 05/13/1997 23:47:37
> I want to start a new try to install NetBSD on my atari TT.
> So here come a few questions/problems which should be solved
> before starting:
>  - My floppy is somehow broken (might be the floppy controller, but I am
>    not sure. Therefore I need some advice how to install from
>    a TOS partition and a ram disk, but _without_ floppy.
	How can you get information into the machine via TOS? Kermit?

>  - Is it possible to read sun labeled MO disks under NetBSD/Atari?
>    This would be _very_ fine, because then I could untar all the
>    install archives under SunOS (4.1.3_U1) onto a 230MD MO medium and
>    boot from it under NetBSD.
	'probably' - but if not you should be able to tar the archives
	onto the disk as if it were a tape, then untar at the other
	end (Assuming you have at least some level of NetBSD on the TT
	by that point)

>  - I can't find a recent loadbsd.ttp program?! In the tools directory
>    there's only a rawwrite, but no loadbsd??

	Its probably on the boot-12.fs floppy. If you have access to
	a PC (or root on a sun) you should be able to rawrite the
	floppy image to a floppy then mount it as a DOS disk and copy
	the binaries off).

	Actually, the best option might be to find some friendly
	NetBSD/atari user who would be willing to tar & compress
	an entire (small!) disk image which you could then download
	and write to the disk on the Sun, then boot on the TT.

	Good luck!