Subject: Re: Hullo
To: None <>
From: chris_gray <>
List: port-atari
Date: 01/09/1997 07:22:29
On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Leo Weppelman wrote:

> Assuming you want to mount a 720Kb floppy (see 'man floppy'), you
> should use:
> 	mount -t msdos -G /dev/fd0b /root/floppy
> This assumes that the directory '/root/floppy' exists.

Thanks, that works except that you have to leave out the -G (TOS floppies
really are the same as DOS ones, so that makes sense).  Beats me why the
mount_msdos version didn't work <shrug>.
> > 2) during bootup NetBSD sees that I have a CD-ROM and a DAT drive:
> > he even knows whether there's a tape in it. :) But when I try to
> > mount td0 he says 'device not configured'.  Is this a rebuild-the-
> > kernel thing, or a simple edit in /etc, or ...
> You cannot 'mount' a tape. You should dd/cpio/tar to/from it. Again
> see the appropriate man-pages for more info. The tape device is called
> '/dev/rst0'.
Yes of course, silly me.

I am wondering: if I 'tar c / ' to dump the entire filestore to tape,
then rebuild my hard disk, then 'tar x /', should everything work
again?  I'm already feeling the need for more BSD disc space.

(Talking about disc space, is there any way to mount a minix partition?)

Now to the CDROM: I've tried various variations on
  mount -rt cd9660 /dev/cd0d /root/cdrom
and the best I can come up with is 'Device not configured'.  What's 
> You should also look throught the amiga & mac www-pages. Most of
> the (binary) stuff you can find there also works for the atari-port.

Yup, that's where I found Arena (not Amaya, 'scuse me), and xv-3.10+PCD,
which would be great if I could mount a CD. |:<

> > 
> > In terms of 'it works': sometimes the system hangs with the "busy"
> > lamp on the hard drive lit.  This seems to only happen when I turn
> > FX on, and mostly during intensive disc activity, such as moving
> > a whole subtree to another partition: once it happened during an
> > 8MB ftp transfer <grrr>.  So for now I'm doing my disc management
> > operations and file transfers without FX, in character mode, and
> > starting up X for less mission-critical stuff.  But on the whole
> I'm pretty sure that this is a bug somewhere in the (or triggered by)
> the bounce buffer code. Unfortunately, the people who are mostly suited
> to solve the problem don't seem to have it :-( As I have a TT & Hades
> myself, this is difficult to reproduce/fix.
According to the people who fitted FX for me, the timing for Falcon SCSI
is very tricky: it could be that a lot of error recovery goes on, which
would test the code rather thoroughly ...
> > I'd say it's pretty damn cool ... (<-8)-8
> Thanks!
> PS: I would appreciate it when you ask these questions to the mailing
>     list. This not only gives other people a chance to answer, but also
>     a chance to read. This prevents the same questions being asked over
>     and over again. (no offence intended...)
OK, I've cc'd the list.  Is it archived BTW?

Best wisges