Subject: Re: /dev/ser02
To: None <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Dan Hastings <>
List: port-atari
Date: 11/28/1996 05:00:51
*** Resending note of 27/11/96 22:05
>> localtalk->rs232 cable to use this port and it works perfectly under
>> TOS. Connect will happily dial out and connect over serial2. I had
> Officially I think there has to be a conversion. If it works, with
> your modem and TOS, I think your cable will be ok.
I didn't initally expect it to be that simple either so I was chuffed
when Connect happily dialed out. ;)

>> I can get it to raise TR (using cu or bsd-dip in terminal mode) I'm
>> unable to get any response from the modem. :(
>> Since I don't have space to recompile a kernel with different
>> frequency tables I guess I'm stuck until someone else can fix it?
> Can't you find about 20Mb of space? I think this will suffice to build
> an atari kernel. You only need the general kernel sources and the
> arch/atari & arch/m68k trees. The rest of the arch tree and most
> of compat and dev can be removed.

I could have done... I was in the process of adding another 100Mb
partition to netbsd last night. Unfortunately the end result was to
break the lot. :(

I couldn't find what I had done with the ch_part program to set
partition IDs to make TOS ignore the partition, so I tried to make
the change with diamond edge... big mistake. Edge generously reset
the partition IDs to either GEM or BGM when I told it to install my
changes, and then did something unknown - maybe initialised their type
to TOS or something. Anyway, even when I set them back to NBR/NBS/NBU
netbsd won#t boot anymore. :( COmplains about somekind of partition
type error. I can't recall the exact message, but the end result is
it can't find /root to mount it.

Is there a way to reinitialise the partitions to netbsd? Maybe need
to rewrite the superblocks? I'm fairly sure the data is all still there
since I told edge to install only and not install & rebuild (which is
supposed to preserve data).

I guess I'll try bootingfrom floppy and fsck'ing them. If all else
fails I could maybe scrap the lot and install 1.2 from scratch but I'd
really like to rescue the data from my /usr partition. Still crossed
fingers and hope I guess. ;)

Out of interest, what is the procedure to give netbsd a new /local
partition? My method was (a) clear all data from partition, (b) set
partition type to NBU (should be NBU or maybe NBL?) this is where it
went wrong *grin* (c) boot netbsd and then run 'newfs /dev/sd0d' and
then mount using mount_ffs?

> Otherwise, drop me the clock values for RTxCA and TRxCA. If they
> are different than the values in zs.c, I'll send you a kernel to
> test it.

If I can find them out, I'll certainly pass them on.