Subject: Re: IP Masquerade and NetaTalk
To: Peter Ross <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 11/27/1996 21:20:19
Peter Ross wrote:
> Leo,
> There are two interesting developments that I had read for Linux that I
> think might be helpful to TOS based BSD users.  One is called IP
> Masquerade.  This allows other computers networked to the BSD box to

I didn't think this was available for NetBSD yet. But this is a generic
option, if it works for one port, it works for all. I'm no networking
expert. Maybe you should ask this on a more generic list.

> receive the internet through it's connection.  The other is called
> Netatalk.  This allows a Unix box to have AppleTalk Server capabilities. 

I thought there was some talk about this on the mac68k list a while
back (the most natural source in this case ;-) ). *If* they have it,
using it for the atari-port should be trivial.

> This would be great on systems such as the Hades or the Medusa.  Are these
> things possibilities for the Atari version of BSD?  Also, with it's great
> musical capabilities, couldn't some of the Csound software be ported over
> to the Falcon under BSD?  They have a MIDI to Csound converted, DX7 bank to
> Csound converted and more.  Also, it would probably be very nice to run

I have the feeling that someone has to write a DSP driver first for this
to work. I while back there was a discussion about this. It should be
in the mailing-list archives.

> GIMP on the Falcon or one of the TT clones.  GIMP is a freeware Photoshop
> clone.
I don't know GIMP. *If* you have the sources and *if* it runs under X11,
getting this to run would be mostly a compile job.