Subject: Re: /dev/ser02
To: Dan Hastings <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 11/27/1996 21:07:52
Dan Hastings wrote:
> Are you sure? The reason I ask is that I purchased an Apple Mac
> localtalk->rs232 cable to use this port and it works perfectly under
> TOS. Connect will happily dial out and connect over serial2. I had
> assumed therefore that no signal conversion would be necessary.

Officially I think there has to be a conversion. If it works, with
your modem and TOS, I think your cable will be ok.

> If the computer can successfully talk to the modem through serial2
> under TOS I originally expected no problems with netbsd, but although
> I can get it to raise TR (using cu or bsd-dip in terminal mode) I'm
> unable to get any response from the modem. :(
> Since I don't have space to recompile a kernel with different
> frequency tables I guess I'm stuck until someone else can fix it?

Can't you find about 20Mb of space? I think this will suffice to build
an atari kernel. You only need the general kernel sources and the
arch/atari & arch/m68k trees. The rest of the arch tree and most
of compat and dev can be removed.
Otherwise, drop me the clock values for RTxCA and TRxCA. If they
are different than the values in zs.c, I'll send you a kernel to
test it.