Subject: Re: netbsd 1.2 - falcon SCSI & serial port 2 working?
To: Dan Hastings <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 11/26/1996 21:23:01
Dan Hastings wrote:
> *** Resending note of 26/11/96 11:35
> Hi...
> A while ago I attempted to upgrade to the beta version of 1.2
> and failed due to problems with the interrupt driven SCSI driver
> on the Falcon. What with one thing and another I've sort of lost
> track of things.

I used the non-interrupt driven driver for the 1.2 release. Fixing the
interrupt driven SCSI driver for the Falcon is still an outstanding
project. It has been pushed a bit to the background a bit because I
became rather busy at work and I really wanted to turn my Hades into
a working system.
Why the interrupt driven driver does not work on all Falcons is still
a mistery to me. Cedric pointed me to the Linux sources because he
thought they had solved a simular(?) problem between their 1.x and 2.0
release, but I couldn't find anything interesting. Anyhow, I am willing
to open the case, but I surely need someone with a Falcon who is
willing to help. I just can't fix bugs that I can't reproduce.

> Has this problem been fixed? I.e. Is the released 1.2 100% stable
> SCSI-wise on the Falcon?
> If so I'm going to try upgrading again.

I didn't hear about big trouble after the 1.2 release, so I guess
it's quite stable...
> Can anyone tell me if the falcon's second serial port (/dev/ser02)
> works with 1.2? With 1.1 nothing will talk to it. :( I'd like to
> be able to use ser02 to drive a ppp link to a PC, whilst using
> mdm02 to dial in to the internet...

There are 2 problems with ser02 on the Falcon:
	- You have to do a signal conversion, as there is only a
	  Lan connector on the back.
	- The frequency parameters for the ser02 port on the Falcon
	  are guesses. Someone with hardware docs on the Falcon can
	  easily check their correctness. Maybe someone with a
	  'Compendium' can verify them? The tables are in atari/dev/zs.c.