Subject: netbsd 1.2 - falcon SCSI & serial port 2 working?
To: None <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Dan Hastings <>
List: port-atari
Date: 11/26/1996 07:10:54
*** Resending note of 26/11/96 11:35


A while ago I attempted to upgrade to the beta version of 1.2
and failed due to problems with the interrupt driven SCSI driver
on the Falcon. What with one thing and another I've sort of lost
track of things.

Has this problem been fixed? I.e. Is the released 1.2 100% stable
SCSI-wise on the Falcon?

If so I'm going to try upgrading again.

Can anyone tell me if the falcon's second serial port (/dev/ser02)
works with 1.2? With 1.1 nothing will talk to it. :( I'd like to
be able to use ser02 to drive a ppp link to a PC, whilst using
mdm02 to dial in to the internet...


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