Subject: Re: installing X
To: NetBSD Atari <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Kyle Farrell <>
List: port-atari
Date: 11/08/1996 13:07:33
I have managed to get X working on my atari-- turns out i didn't have
devices for grf<N_ITE+1> and view<N_ITE+1>.  Once i fixed that everything 
works fine.  Or somewhat fine--

I was having a problem with my keyboard prior to using X.  They keymap was
kind of wierd-- the '@' (shift + 2) mapped to a '"' and lots of other
wierd keyboard mappings were happening.  I fixed this by modifying
/usr/src/sys/arch/atari/dev/kbdmap.c (mainly the preprocessor conditionals
were backwards for my keyboard).

So everything was fine, until i got X working.  Now when i pop up an
xterm, the keyboard map is back to how it was originally defined.  Is 
their an easy way to fix the keyboard mapping that will work with X?