Subject: Re: Installboot: OS revision not supported
To: None <>
From: Udo Erdelhoff <>
List: port-atari
Date: 10/31/1996 21:36:09
Hi Leo,
> I think the aptck program provided in utils.tos (on,
> might have been easier in this case ;-)
Murphy rules: That's one of the files I never download. "No, I won't 
need that, I'll just install the thing and use the sources to build
all tools". 

> I think the problem is indeed that your root partition is located in an XGM
> partition. I looked it up in the 'Profibuch' yesterday evening and it
> states that only primary partitions can be made bootable. This should
> definitely go into the installer-docs and the installboot man-page (Just
> put it on my todo-list).
You should also include the information how to fix this: HDX enables
an "expert" button if you have defined more than four partitions. 
The button opens another dialog box where you can move the extended
partition range.

> I'm more than 99% sure ;-)
Uh-oh, this means there will be trouble..

> > I'm reasonably sure that this is not a problem with the kernel or
> > miniroot floppies, they are write protected.
On the other hand, the floppies are quite and were accidently stored
right on top of the monitor. Does the installer have some kind of
checksum for itself or would it accept a damaged floppy without
complains? I keep getting those "rd0: file system not clean, please
run fsck(8)" message after the installer starts. I don't know if
I got them during the first installation...

> Try booting with the '-s' option of loadbsd. This tells it to use ST-ram
> only. If this doesn't crash, it has to do with the MegTT.
Ok, time for yet another installation. I knew it was a good idea
to have two computers with four (ok, three) operating systems:
There's always one left to yell for help :-)

> I have a memory test program that runs under NetBSD somewhere.
I received the mail and I'll try it as soon as I have a running
system again :-) 

By the way: I've tried all the memory test program I could find.
One of this programs was written by authors of Kobold (the copy
utility). It's a special program for TT-RAM and it does lots of
disc access to keep the power supply under pressure. I moved
the TT into the kitchen and ran on overnight test: Approx.
3000 test loops, no errors found, family annoyed. I'll have to
do another overnight test with the "Moving Inversion Test". 

Or with your test program - the installation was successfull
(minus the bootblock, of course). Ok, halt, reset, memory
"test" ok, press ctrl, loadbsd -b netbsd, looks good, 
root device sd0, systems boots, default shell, CTRL-D,
setting tty flags
starting network
add host gateway localhost
vm_fault (trap type 1, code = f20d, v=14735
pid=35, pc = 00014732, ps = 2010, sfc = 0001, dfc = 0001
[Register and Kernel stack dump snipped]
panic: Address error
Stopped at	_Debugger+0x6:	unlk a6

Of course, booting multi-user with ST-RAM only works fine...

Time for more tests...

> It can also be that DMA to the MegTT is flakey.
> You can tell the SCSI driver to use only ST-ram for DMA. This option
> is called NO_TTRAM_DMA (..../atari/dev/atari5380.c) and is normally
> '#undef'-ed.
That sounds like a chicken and egg problem...

> > The big question: Is CBHD compatible enough for NetBSD?
> I have no experience with CBHD.
Why me? Ok, I'll try after my system works...

Udo Erdelhoff