Subject: Re: installation problems
To: Kyle Farrell <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 10/01/1996 10:30:05
Hi Kyle,

> thanks Leo, i'm looking forward to the "icd" kernel!  Perhaps you could 
> put the patch on as well?  I'm probably not the only one 
> interested in it.
I've also send it to Michiel ;-)
Seriously, the patch should be part of the official patch to 1.2. This
patch will be a 'generic' patch. There are probably other platforms that
needs some things fixed too. Until then, I will upload some specific 'icd'
kernels and mention the problems in the various README's. I will supply
the source-patch on demand.
> How will this kernel differ from the ahdi kernel?  are errors being 
> turned into warnings and could this cause problems down the road?
What I did was emulating a zero-sized bad sector list when either the start
or end of the bsl was zero and issue a warning about it. I don't think this
will cause any problems. Additionaly - and this is not in your kernel yet -
I think it's a good idea to spit out a warning when the kernel thinks that
there is no partition info on the disk. This will at least warn people before
they wipe out any other (icd) partitions. Ultimately, this warning should
probably put into disklabel(1), but I don't think this is feasible on short