Subject: Re: new kernels testing
To: None <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 07/14/1996 11:37:35
> >> other crashes occured. I was copying large files (10Mb+) in both cases,
> >> the first time, I got a kernel panic with the reason "MMU fault". The
> > If you have a dump saved, could you give me a stack trace? You can use
> > gdb -k <dump-image> <kernel-image>, enter 'bt' at the prompt.
> I didn't save a dump because I wasn't sure where it would go. I had only
> my root and msdos partitions mounted and I certainly don't want to risk
> corrupting the root one.
The panic dump goes to the swap partition. If it mangles that one, it
doesn't really matter ;-) The tricky part is saving the dump - now that
I think of it. The savecore program assumes that the kernel saving the
dump is the same as the one that generated the dump unless you expicitely
say it isn't. That means that you have to do the following:
    - boot the system single user with a stable kernel
    - type "savecore -N <dumping kernel>"
> >> second time the system just hung with the drives busy light on. :(
> > Were you able to enter the kernel-debugger at this point? If so, a
> > stack-trace (with the 't' command) might be useful.
> I don't know how to enter/use the kernel-debugger?
Just press: <ALT><Left-shift><F9>. You can do this at anytime. This should
drop you at the debugger prompt.