Subject: Re: Resolution problem on Falcon
To: None <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Waldi Ravens <>
List: port-atari
Date: 05/30/1996 20:14:03 wrote:

> My environment is a Falcon with 14MB ST-RAM, VGA-Monitor, 42 MB (old ;-) =
> and a 580 MB CDC SCSI disk on which NetBSD lies (4 Part. / swap /usr, /ho=
> + one GEMDOS-Partition. Bootdisk (C:) is my IDE-disk and because of this=
> I din=B4t install the new bootloader, I wish not that the bootdisk change=
> the SCSI disk (how can I then boot GEM from my IDE-bootdisk ?).

If you were to install the NetBSD bootloader on the SCSI disk, ROM-TOS
would not load it. TOS 4 first determines if an IDE disk is connected
(and tries to boot from it, if it is) before searching for any SCSI

The NetBSD bootloader (when booted with the right Shift key pressed)
can be told to boot TOS (or ASV or Linux) instead of NetBSD, but only
if the TOS boot partition is located on either the same SCSI disk as
the NetBSD bootloader, or else a higher SCSI target.

Theoretically you could install the TOS harddisk driver software on
the GEMDOS partition on your SCSI disk, then install the NetBSD boot
loader on same disk, then remove the rootsector bootcode from your
IDE disk. The result would be that ROM-TOS detects the IDE disk and
discovers that it can't be booted, then detects the SCSI disk and
starts its rootsector code, which will load the NetBSD bootloader
(only if the boot preference in NVRAM is set to NetBSD, of course).
If the right Shift key is pressed while the NetBSD loader starts,
you can tell it to boot TOS. Now the TOS bootsector code will be
loaded and run, which will run the TOS harddisk driver, which will
detect the IDE disk (its first GEMDOS partition will become C:) and
then the SCSI disk. Everything else will be done as usual (C:\AUTO,