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Date: 05/28/1996 13:13:08
> From Sat May 25 23:04 WET 1996
> From: Leo Weppelman <>
> Subject: Re: New kernel on
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> Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 23:06:05 +0200 (MET DST)
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> Hi Cedric,
> > The SCSI part works a lot better:
> > 	Before (with BOOTFPE netbsd 1.1) i had trouble with a SCSI2 drive
> > (Quantum lps52s), it was sometimes stopping with busy led still on, so the 
> > kernel also stop. Now i've got error messages instead of stopping the kernel,
> > there are like: dmascsi(1:0:0): stuck in fifo...
> > 	This disk is the only scsi2 in the chain (i've got also a Quantum LP40,
> > a Conner CP30080, and a Maxtor 7120SCS).
> I have a kernel that uses a slightly different timing for the DMA. I hope
> this will solve the above problem. Are you willing to try this kernel? If
> so, can I send it to you by email - what is the maximum size of a mail-chunk?
i think i've got no limit, so i'll be glad to receive your kernel.
> According to Dirk, the above error can lead to data-corruption! So take
> care...
i've put the enable parity on, to bypass on errors.
> > 
> > 	But there is trouble with the mount_msdos option in fstab. This appear,
> > in NetBSD 1.1B. The command execute, but the directories where the msdos disk
> > are linked are empty.
> Is this already solved?
yes i've added the -G options in the fstab file.
> Leo.
> PS: I haven't had time to look at your keyboard patches :-( It looks to me
> that the SCSI problems have a higher priority...
These aren't really patches, i've just added definitions for other maps in
the keymap.c file that can be selected by options (FRA_KBD, GER_KBD, US_KBD,
 and UK_KBD)
    Cedric MOREAU,,
 IUP MIME, Universite du Maine, 72000 LE MANS, FRANCE