Subject: Falcon LAN port - supported?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-atari
Date: 05/27/1996 17:33:02
>> working and can log in over it, but I cannot get the computer to talk
>> to the modem on the LAN port. I had assumed this was mapped as ser02?
> On the TT it is. The code for the Falcon is the same (exept for switching
> the port to the serial connector). The problem is, as far as I know, that
> the falcon *only* has a lan-connector. There are rx/tx lines there, but
> they are balanced and hence unusable for normal serial connections.

I bought a mac localtalk to rs232 cable to connect the modem to the LAN
port - it works fine under ConNect under TOS - I can dial in to BBS's
fine with it, so it does work as a normal serial port. :/ I managed to
get NetBSD to raise TR on it once, but apart from that no go. :(

>> Or is the LAN port not supported in 1.1? Is it in 1.2?
> Depends on your definition of supported ;-)

Working in a usable way! *grin*
If I can't use it to dial out its no good to me. :( This is a shame cos
often we have two computers here both dialing in to isp's at the same
time and I thought I could half the phone bill this way by using one
computer (pentium PC) as a terminal to mine.

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