Subject: install flops on
To: None <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 05/23/1996 12:12:36
Hi all,

	As promised, I have uploaded the install floppies to Just
look into the directory: /pub/NetBSD/arch/atari/floppies.
I have not yet updated the install docs... The new installer is far more
verbose than the old one, so I think that together with some hints below
you will manage ;-)

    - Take loadbsd from the original 1.1 bootfloppy
    - Take the BOOTX kernel from, unzip it and put it
      on disk or floppy.
    - Create the floppies as described in the the 1.1 install docs
    - execute 'loadbsd -b a:/BOOTX'
    - When the kernel asks for a bootdevice, insert the floppy with
      inst-11B.fs.1 and enter 'rd0'
    - after printing some dots, the kernel will ask for the second floppy,
      insert inst-11B.fs.1....
    - The kernel will now ask you for a shell to use, enter <return>
    - At this point, you are in the installer and I think (hope) you'll
      get through.

Some extra notes:
    - You don't have to use chg_pid.ttp anymore. You will get a nice program
      to edit partition id's while you're in the installer.
    - When you install/upgrade at least the base set, the bootloader is
      installed on your root disk.
    - You have to copy BOOTX to /netbsd on your root filesystem manually.

If you have questions/remarks, please post them on the list!