Subject: Re: New kernel on
To: None <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: port-atari
Date: 05/21/1996 17:34:06
> This kernel is quite recent, it contains all kernel modifications until
> May 15. As there has been a lot of modifications in the Falcon SCSI
> part, I would very much appreciate it if some of the Falcon users would
> try it out and report the results. This is also important because we are
> on the branch of a new kernel release (1.2) and I want to make sure that
> it will ship with a stable kernel...
> Leo.
The SCSI part works a lot better:
	Before (with BOOTFPE netbsd 1.1) i had trouble with a SCSI2 drive
(Quantum lps52s), it was sometimes stopping with busy led still on, so the 
kernel also stop. Now i've got error messages instead of stopping the kernel,
there are like: dmascsi(1:0:0): stuck in fifo...
	This disk is the only scsi2 in the chain (i've got also a Quantum LP40,
a Conner CP30080, and a Maxtor 7120SCS).

	But there is trouble with the mount_msdos option in fstab. This appear,
in NetBSD 1.1B. The command execute, but the directories where the msdos disk
are linked are empty.

    Cedric MOREAU,,
 IUP MIME, Universite du Maine, 72000 LE MANS, FRANCE