Subject: New kernel on
To: None <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 05/16/1996 10:53:42
Hi all,

	As I promised a few days ago, I have uploaded a new kernel to Just look in the directory: /pub/NetBSD/arch/atari/kernels.

This kernel is quite recent, it contains all kernel modifications until
May 15. As there has been a lot of modifications in the Falcon SCSI
part, I would very much appreciate it if some of the Falcon users would
try it out and report the results. This is also important because we are
on the branch of a new kernel release (1.2) and I want to make sure that
it will ship with a stable kernel...

Some things you might need to know:
    * This kernel is configured using the new BOOTX config file. This means
      that it contains some more features than the BOOT kernel:
        - 3 virtual consoles
        - 1 extra view for X11
        - mouse support
        - parallel printer support

    * Some of the 1.1 userland progs are out of date with respect to this
      kernel. Notably the progs that interact rather close with the kernel.
      Like ps & friends. There is a current.tar.gz archive on
      that contains these binaries. When you install this, make sure to
      save a copy of the original progs - just in case...

    * To use the printer, you must re-run /dev/MAKEDEV (a recent version!)
      to create the device nodes.