Subject: Re: New current.tar.gz
To: Waldi Ravens <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 03/23/1996 23:06:32
> Leo Weppelman wrote:
> > As you probably know, Waldi has made the bootblocks for NetBSD/Atari. The
> > binaries to install and use them are in the archive. It's really quite
> > nice to type 'reboot' and to get back into NetBSD without any user
> > intervention. It saves time too ;-)
> Unfortunately, a couple of things are not yet documented, because they
> hardly belong in installboot(8) and I couldn't think of a reasonable
> alternative (read: I'm lazy).
Maybe boot(8) ? It's not really a program but the section seems right ;-)
> But first of all, before installing on harddisk, try a floppy disk.
> When you are going to install on harddisk, make a backup first, at
> least the bootblock (the first 8KB) and if it's an AHDI partitioned
> disk, also the AHDI rootsector.

[ ..... ]
> 7) A utillity to change or reset the boot pref. in NVRAM is not
>    yet available. For now, run "cat /dev/nvram >foo", edit foo
>    with a binary editor (the second byte is the boot pref.),
>    then "cat foo >/dev/nvram".
I'm still looking for some more docs on the nvram.... I know there's
more and a program to just change one single value seems sooo silly (although
useful in this case ;-) )
> > This also caused the kernel version to bump from 1.1A to 1.1B .
> Wich in turn causes installboot to refuse running on a -current
> kernel. :-(
!#%^$& I had most of it already setup before the version was bumped. I have
not tested installboot afterwards.....