Subject: Re: Tree-Button-Mouse
To: Andreas Kohout <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 02/20/1996 21:43:54
> I finally installed X (the amiga binaries) and Xdaniver-mfb (or so ... 
> that one from Thoams Gerner). On the server I found a switch to emulate a 
> tree-button mouse. But I use a tree-butten mouse and need a switch to use 
> all the tree buttons :-))
> What am I doing wrong?
I'm afraid you do nothing wrong. I guess it's my mouse-driver :-( When I
made it, I didn't know that there were 3-button mice available for the atari,
so I made the driver _always_ emulate the 3rd button (X is really a drag with
2 buttons).
Your next question is probably how to fix it.... I don't really know. I don't
have specs about this 3-button mouse. I always thought that if I wanted to
connect a real 3 button mouse I buy a standard mouse and hook it up to one of
the 68901 serial ports - they're just fit for the job ;-)