Subject: Re: Does a TT have NVRAM?
To: Mike de Petris <>
From: Stefan Grefen <>
List: port-atari
Date: 02/14/1996 08:53:52
In message <v02140b03ad44ad79f4d3@[]>  Mike de Petris wrote:
> >> possibly with the option of a cheap ethernet adapter
> >
> >Currently there is no ethernet driver software for the Atari port.
> >I know that Leo, the maintainer of the Atari specific code, is very
> >much interested in an ethernet solution. The problem is that the only
> >acceptable card for the TT, the Riebl VME-card, is no longer being sold.
> Sad! How much did it cost ?

There was another one from PAM (~1000DM if I recall it correctly) which was
nearly identical (also LANCE and no DMA). I don't know if it is still sold
and I don't have the address (PAMsoft in Mainz, Germany) handy. 
As soon a I put NetBSD on my home machine I'm going to write a driver for this
card (I've all the info and a card, I wrote the some stuff for it back than
(TCP/IP for TOS)).

> >I think, the second best option will be a SCSI ethernet adaptor. The
> >main disadvantage is that a good SCSI adaptor will be expensive.

Same cost range as as the VME boards (you can still get non-Atari VME boards
for even more money ...).
How about a parallel Adapter where you can get a PC-packet driver or 
Linux driver for.  (e.g. NOT xircom )? The Dlink should (605?) should be
ok (It comes also under as various other names ...)


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