Subject: New Xservers available
To: None <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 01/18/1996 08:06:00
I have just uploaded 2 new Xdaniver Xservers to They
were contributed by Thomas Gerner and contain extended Falcon color
support and an option to reverse the colors in TT-high.

Below I included the README.Xdaniver.

Have fun, Leo.

==== README.Xdaniver ====
Here are two X-Servers for NetBSD Atari:
        Xdaniver-mfb.gz                 Monochrome only
        Xdaniver-ipl.gz                 Monochrome and color

The Xdaniver-mfb is a monochrome X-server which supports a switch
-flipPixels, which is necessary on TT-high to exchange foreground
and background not to get a invers picture like the old server.

Xdaniver-ipl supports monochrom, 16 and 256 colors on interleaved
bitmaps, For monochrome the switch -flipPixels is also available.
The interleaved bitmap is written  by Martin Schaller, originally
for the Linux 68k Atari X-server. (

The servers are compiled for a  project root '/usr/X11R6'. If you
use the setup of the amiga server  with project root '/usr/local/
X11R6' you have to make a link /usr/X11R6 to /usr/local/X11R6. To
do so type:
        ln -s /usr/local/X11R6 /usr/X11R6

Known problems:
In the 256 colors  mode  the  interleaved  bitmap driver does not
display bitmaps, e.g. icons or pictures, correct.

Notes for falcon users:
The color modes takes a long time to start up at a normal falcon.
If you start your  server  using  xdm  add  the following line to

        DisplayManager.*.openTimeout:   60

Thomas Gerner