Subject: Re: Hello
To: Waldi Ravens <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 12/05/1995 22:56:27
> Hi Graham,
> > Can the /root and /usr (and swap!) filesystems be mouted on the same 
> > harddisk partition ??
> Root and /usr fs, yes. Just install the sets manually. But not swap,
> unless you use a vnd (a file which acts like a disk).
> Alternatively you can divide one AHDI partition in two or more
> NetBSD partitions with disklabel(8).
Unfortunately, the install procedure is not quite friendly in this area.
You have to use ed(1) as an editor... An alternative is to install a
bare-bones system into your swap area and run disklabel from there.
Note that the 'chg_pid' program is reversable. As long as you write
down what id was originally found, you are always able to restore
the original situation.
> > The INSTALL File talks about compatibility with Linux ... what exactly ?
> ??? Did you read that in the BUGS section? :-)
I didn't get that either ;-) I have never looked into the compatibility code.
I don't know how compatible linux-68k and linux-i386 are, but if they are
compatible (exept for processor type of course ;-) ), it shouldn't be
too hard to get it to work.

> > Will I be able to mount ext2 and minix partitions ??
> Yes, if you write the drivers for those filesystems.
There were rumours about ext2 support, no time-frame was mentioned however.