Subject: Re: uucp-throughput
To: Michael Hohmuth <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 12/03/1995 12:07:50
Hi Michael,

> > > BTW, why does `cu' reset my modem device to "-crtscts" even if I
> > > specify "hardflow yes" in /etc/uucp/sys?
> > 
> > IIRC `hardflow' can only be specified in the devices file, unlike
> > the `speed' command which may appear in either file.
> The Taylor UUCP docs say "hardflow" can only appear in "port".  Also
> there is no "devices" file when using Taylor-style config files.
I guess Waldi is using the hdb-config while you are using the taylor
config. As I too are using the taylor-config I mentioned the 'sys-file'.
> The docs also say "hardflow yes" is the default.
> Has NetBSD's Taylor UUCP been modified in any way?  Perhaps I should
> just go and compile a stock Taylor UUCP...
Not that I know of, except from that pathnames used. If I remember well,
Daniel (re)compiled uucp. The problems remained though.
> BTW, why aren't GNU `info' and all the docs in texinfo format part of
> NetBSD?  (I've checked NetBSD-1.1-RELEASE/sun3 and atari.)
I don't know. Maybe you should put this on current-users. One of the
reasons I can think of is that there is no info-viewer in the standard
distribution. This should be no reason to drop all docs though.