Subject: Re: uucp-throughput
To: None <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Thomas Gerner <>
List: port-atari
Date: 12/02/1995 15:52:44
Leo Weppelman ( wrote:
: > 
: > Leo writes:
: > > Well my results made me wonder if this wasn't some kind of configuration
: > > problem. My first thoughts were about the hw-handshake. I use hw-handshake
: > > consequently on both my modem and TT.
: > 
: > Now I'm confused! ;-)
: > 
: > Do I need to tell NetBSD that I want RTS/CTS, or does the port default
: > to that? I haven't touched any of the files in /etc dealing with this.
: > Maybe this is my problem?
: You should tell uucp. In /etc/uucp/port you should have something like:
:     port port1
:     harflow true
:     device /dev/mdm02
:        ....
:        ....
: And, of course, your modem should be told to use hw-handshake.
I added 'hardflow true' to my port file, but this does not change anything.
My modem is configured to use hardflow, but I see only changing the state
of the RTS/CTS lamps at my modem if the falcon sends. I never see any
changes if the falcon receives.
I tried now protocol i and packet size 1024/16 and I got 288 bps.