Subject: Re: NetBSD is running now -- questions...
To: Waldi Ravens <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 10/21/1995 11:15:54
> Hi Leo,
> > The only thing that does not work is mounting a msdos-disk using
> > the vnd-devices. This causes the msdosfs-driver to choose the wrong
> > fat size (16 instead of 12).
> Eh..., what exactly are vnd-devices?
Check out man vnconfig. The vnd driver lets you treat a file as a disk.
It's a lot faster than a floppy. I create the install filesystem disks
that way. See: /usr/src/distrib/atari/floppies ....
> IIRC the size of a FAT entry depends on the device type, 12 for
> floppy, 16 for anything else. I'm afraid the `v' in vnd is short
> for `virtual', which implies that it is not possible to detect
> the type of the physical device hiding behind the virtual one?
That's true. Maybe there is an other possibility to distinquise
between a 12 and 16 bit fat's. I haven't had time to look at it though.
> > So if you've got some time to spare after your mailbox is empty.... ;-)
> I've finished august only this week, july and june are still
> waiting. :-) :-(
My god.... But if your mailbox fills at the same rate as mine (> 50 a day)
I get a feeling what your going through :-(