Subject: Re: CD-ROM and the Falcon
To: None <>
From: Leo Weppelman <>
List: port-atari
Date: 10/10/1995 10:06:00
> A couple of questions...
> What must I download to compile my own kernel ? 
> [ I have base, comp, etc and man ]
> Is this all I need ?
>         ksrc10  This set contains the sources to the NetBSD 1.0
>                 kernel, config(8), and dbsym(8).
>                 [ 4.5M gzipped, 20.8M uncompressed ]
No, there is no NetBSD 1.0 release ;-) There will be a NetBSD 1.1 soon
and the ksrc11 would give you the NetBSD 1.1 kernel sources.
I'm not sure that this is (always) what you wnat though. If you want the
_latest_ kernel source for a NetBSD platform you should get:
This file contains a weekly snapshot of the latest kernel sources. They
are not guaranteed to work (although the usually do). Note that ksrc11
_will_ be guaranteed to compile and work ;-)
> Is 'ppp' configured in the current kernel ?
Yes, I'm using it sometimes. There was also a mail about this by 'Adventurer'
lately. To get this you can dig it up from the mailing-list archives. If
I'm right they are on too.

> When will NetScape be available for NetBSD :)
The problem here was motif-libs as far as I recall. There were rumors about
the availability of motif (run-time) by I did not quite follow that
discussion. I have somewhere on my private list an item Chimera. I think
this was available on ftp.uni-regensburg. Maybe you can check that out.
This is all from memory, no guarantees.....