Subject: Re: Dumping files to SCSI HDs.
To: NetBSD/Atari mailing list <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Waldi Ravens <>
List: port-atari
Date: 06/12/1995 20:23:26
In <Pine.3.89.9506112001.B11952-0100000@ccnet3>, Adventurer <> wrote:

> Has anyone actually used to transfer files on a SCSI HD from one UNIX 
> platform to another, if so, how?  Would you share your method.

Only between Linux and NetBSD on the same machine. :-) It would be a bit
different to do this between different OS's on different hw platforms:

I'll assume that the size of a disk block is 512 bytes (it will be if
the partition table is AHDI 3.0 compatible, because that's the only
size the AHDI 3.0 format can handle).

First decide which partition can be used (all data on that partition
will be destroyed, so make sure you move any valuable data to a safe
location first). Let's assume you pick partition h on disk 1 (sd1h).
Write down the offset and size (in 512 byte blocks) of the selected
partition, for example 2000000/400000.

Connect the disk to the other machine, and find out the name of the
device node that refers to your disk. Let's assume the name is
/dev/XXX. ;-)

Make sure the files that you need fit in the available space on your
disk, e.g. `tar cf - /home/me/my_files | dd of=/dev/null bs=512'.
The amount of blocks reported by dd must not exceed 400000.

Now it's time for the `dangerous' operation. A little prayer before
executing the following line might help, double-checking for possible
typos might even help a little more. :-)

  tar cf - /home/me/my_files | dd of=/dev/XXX bs=512 seek=2000000

After reconnecting the disk to your TT, you can restore the files

  dd if=/dev/rsd1h bs=512 | tar xf -

You can safely ignore the `broken pipe' message.