Subject: Re: msdosfs problems
To: NetBSD mailing list <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Waldi Ravens <>
List: port-atari
Date: 05/07/1995 22:45:54
Hi Leo,

> > I suppose the only way to get it going is to get the sources and fix
> > them. Would you happen to know a cross-compiler/binutils for either
> > MiNT or Linux?
> Before starting such complicated actions that probably give way to new
> problems, it might be an idea to try some other options first:

You're right, from experience I know it's better to avoid that situation.
A few months ago I needed several weeks to get a more or less running
Linux kernel, cross-compiling under MiNT. On the other hand I must admit
I had a lot of fun too. :-)

>   - you can create an msdos filesystem that complies with all the
>     restrictions you have found. Maybe in a swap partition? If you
>     have a partitioning tool that does not mangle your whole disk
>     (as AHDI does), maybe you can split the swap partition?
>   - put the sets on a raw partition and tar from it.

The second solution is what I thought of last saturday morning. I
deactivated swappartition sdb1 under Linux, dd'ed base.tar, comp.tar,
etc. to sdb1, booted NetBSD, and dd'ed the stuff from sd1d to tar.
Worked like a charm, I wish I would have thought of that a few days

> When NetBSD is properly installed, it will be a hell of a lot easier
> to fiddle with the msdosfs code.

Now that NetBSD is installed, I won't bother at all. There's no need
for FAT-filesystem support under NetBSD, the only data that has to be
transferred between MiNT/MagiC and NetBSD are new NetBSD kernels, for
which I can use a floppydisk.

I'd like to add support for TT-mono though, ST-mono is really getting
on my nerves. So where/how do I get the most recent NetBSD/Atari kernel
sources?  And, thinking ahead a bit, how big a partition should I
reserve for a complete NetBSD sourcetree?

BTW newfs gave me a warning, `1210 sector(s) in last cylinder unallocated'.
I tried to play a bit with some of the options to newfs, but couldn't get
rid of the warning. It's only some 600KB, but I would like to know where
I went wrong. The partition has 262400 sectors (512 bytes/sector) and
starts at sector 3953764.