Subject: Re: "Device not configured"
To: None <port-atari@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Benjamin Lorenz <>
List: port-atari
Date: 04/26/1995 13:07:23
> hi,

> I just don't get it, why the MMU-fault! I haven't had MMU faults with this
> kernel since januari (exept when resizing consoles). Where exactly are
> you in the installation-process. As get it, you are stuck at the point
> where the first filesystems are created. As you gave an example of
>  "newfs /dev/sd1a". _Did_ this work manually? 

Yes, creating a file system by hand works without problems (ok, this
ioctl error occurs at the end, but you wrote that's normal).
After that, I can even mount the partition and copy something on it...
But then, when I do nothing special (hit 'q' in "more" for example),
the system crashes without any note.

> As 4 or 5 people before you installed it on a TT by now, there must be
> something specific to your configuration.
Hm... well, let's see: I have 2 mb st ram and 20 mb tt ram. While booting,
the kernel prints the correct size of the total memory ( bytes)
and maps something in

> I think the disk is not the 
> problem unless it reports read/write or other errors.
The only strange thing here is the "invalid mode sense" (writing down
from my mind, sorry, cant remember the exact message) from my
Fujitsu MO-drive. The kernel recognizes it perfectly as removable media, but
uses fictious geometry... When I do not enter a medium into the drive,
everything is ok: sd2: drive offline.
Under Linux, the MO-drive can be accessed without problems...

> Maybe you can
> include a "disklabel sd1" in your next mail.
Will do so in the evening, I hope.

> The next important thing
> is the memory configuration. You should try 'loadbsd -tD netbsd' and
> check the memory the bootloader _thinks_ you have against the real
> configuration. Especially the st/tt ram sizes and the tt-ram start
> address. To do this, you shouldn't use 'loadbsd' on the bootfloppy but
> the newer one in the 'atari/tools' directory.
okay. this evening... 

> One last point, do you have a very old TT? I used to have an old motherboard
> with a little daughter-board on it. There was something wrong with DMA
> to TT-ram (atari confirmed it). As you have little st-ram, nearly all
> DMA goes to TT-ram in your case.
No, my TT is quite new (3/91 I think) and the CPU sits directly on the

> I have a define in the SCSI driver to handle it but it isn't activated on
> your kernel. As you have run Linux before it should not be the problem
> (unless Linux bounces all DMA above 16Mb what I consider unlikely). Maybe
> I should put up a very conservative kernel on sun-lamp to outrule this kind
> of problems.
This might be a *very* good idea! I would download it as soon as possible.. :)

Is there any debugging output that could be useful for you when my system
crashes? Perhaps the PC or some registers?

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