Subject: HEADS UP: Hardware scrolling for RiscPC/A7000/NC wscons
To: None <>
From: Reinoud Zandijk <>
List: port-arm32
Date: 04/01/2001 19:06:25
Dear All,

well as you allready read i've committed code for hardware scrolling for
the RiscPC and compatibles ... it appears to run even faster than the
origional vidcconsole code.... I tested it in different screenresolutions
and depths and it all worked OK...

I've noticed some small errors though at the startup; in some modes a
single screenline may be lost or there appear to be a small wrap for a
second or so; it appears that the switchover to hardware scolling need
some debugging yet :)) but it runs as a charm when the kernel is booted
and i haven't noticed any oddities. I've even fixed the 800x600 half line
bug that the old vidcconsole had.

Please test this code on NON VRAM machines.... It should work but i cant
test it here !!....

Cheers and enjoy !!!