Subject: Re: Compiling the kernel
To: Matthew Wilcox <>
From: Richard Earnshaw <>
List: port-arm32
Date: 02/16/1998 10:03:27
> Tony Houghton
> > After not receiving the usual prompt help I get from asking things on
> > this list I thought I'd try to get to the bottom of things myself so I
> > had a look for one of the missing symbols:
> > 
> > find /usr/src/sys -name '*.c' -exec grep _assert_wait {} \;
> May I recommend:
> find /usr/src/sys -name "*.c" -print |xargs grep _assert_wait

Hint: if you use 

find /usr/src/sys -name "*.c" -print |xargs grep _assert_wait /dev/null

then if xargs passes a single file name to grep, grep will still print the 
file name with the matching string.
> It is much faster, particularly on a StrongARM!

Definitely, much less execing to do.