Subject: New Console and X
To: None <port-arm32@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Robert Black <>
List: port-arm32
Date: 01/30/1998 13:05:31
There is a new console which supports X (vide1124) and a matching Xarm on the ftp site in /pub/vide. This currently doesn't support console
switching within X and there is a known bug when you leave X which means that
text in the mini-console gets printed in black-on-black (annoying when you halt
or panic).

Mark: The temporary fix is a one-line mod to arch/arm32/console/gty/gty_mmap.c
- add a line to gty_munmap_screen() (last function in the file) to set palette
colour 1 to white - it should be obvious what the line should be and where to
put it if you read the source.