Subject: Xarm-33 crash
To: NetBSD port-arm32 <port-arm32@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Leo Smiers <>
List: port-arm32
Date: 01/04/1998 12:19:35
Hello all

First of all a happy new year to you all.

I have the following problem with X and the alpha 1.3 release. The program
x11perf crashes every time I start it with the option -srect1 (1 x 1 stippled
rectangle (8 x 8 stipple) ).


On the console appears the following message:
Error with parameters: b, 4f, efbfb7b8

Fatal server error:
Memory Fault


In the /var/log/messages file are the following lines added:


Jan  2 19:35:39 ravel /netbsd: Data abort: 'Permission error (page)' status = 00f address = 0000004c PC = 000b59e0
Jan  2 19:35:39 ravel /netbsd: Process = f1572000 pid = 283 comm = Xarm-33
Jan  2 19:35:39 ravel /netbsd: CPSR=60000013 Traceback info (frame=f2b06fb8)
Jan  2 19:35:40 ravel /netbsd: fp->lr=f0127580 fp->pc=f0130714
Jan  2 19:35:40 ravel /netbsd: fp->lr=f0126014 fp->pc=f0126fc8
Jan  2 19:35:40 ravel /netbsd: Trapframe PC = 000b59e0
Jan  2 19:35:40 ravel /netbsd: Trapframe SPSR = 60000010


I have run this program also on the computer of a friend of mine and there it does not
crash and behaves well. There are two differences between his and mine computer:

	His					Mine
1	installed fresh RiscBsd system from     Manualy updated from 1.2
        AW 97 cd release			to AW 97 cd release
2	40 +2 Mb RAM				20 + 2 Mb RAM

I have tested my system also with just 16Mb RAM (+ 2MB VRAM). I tried the
(only) RAM module in both RAM slots but this did not made any differences,
besides I never experienced problems with my RAM. I also did run x11perf with
the 1.2 release (some time ago) and this work fine.

I have removed the old X11 and binaries so I am almost 100% sure I have a
genuine 1.3 alpha version

I use a SA RPC with the fvwm window manager.

I hope you can help me with this problem.

Leo Smiers