Subject: newfs'ing a large disk
To: port-arm32 <port-arm32@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Duncan Ferguson <>
List: port-arm32
Date: 06/11/1997 13:10:59
Just fitted a 9.1Gb SCSI disk to my machine (arm710) through a 
powertec SCSI2 card, manaed to get it disklabeled, and now i am in 
the middle of newfs'ing it, but it seems increadibly slow.  I know it 
has to do superblock backups every 50000 blocks, but its writing them 
about every 30 seconds, and there are 17717150 odd blocks to do.

Yet ps seems to think only 50% of the cpu time is being used.  Is 
this so slow because of no fpu, or 'cos its such a big disk, or what?

This is the latest kernel that Mark put online, btw.

It would seem that within a week i may just have this RPC running a 
'full' news service for the college...   Thanks to everyone that gave 
me hints on how to get the disk in there and recognised.  Just have 
to find some way of proving the disk is stable ;o)



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