Subject: Re: Re[2]: FileCore in 3.6 and new version of OS. (Tue Aug 13 10:00:00 1996)
To: None <Alex.McLintock@CHADWYCK.CO.UK>
From: Simon Proven <sproven@ART.ACORN.CO.UK>
List: port-arm32
Date: 08/13/1996 13:27:41
>Just to throw oil on the fire, I remember hearing that the Strong Arm comes with
>RiscOS 3.7 Is that going to be the "version 3" filecore? or is it a different 
>one? Has anyone given mark a copy to test RiscBSD against?

All versions (Clan/RISC OS 3.60/RISC OS 3.70) can operate with IDE drives
upto 128G bytes (the maximum size of an IDE drive).  The only differences
between the versions are small changes.


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