Subject: Re: Worked around: BBBB fails on R140
To: Kjetil B. Thomassen <>
From: Ben Harris <>
List: port-arm26
Date: 11/26/2000 15:05:56
On Sun, 26 Nov 2000, Kjetil B. Thomassen wrote:

> rtc0 at iic0 addr 0xa0: PCF8583

Hmm.  There's something wrong here.  It should report "PCF8583, 32.768 kHz
clock".  I've been getting the same problem (and occasionally "event mode,
stopped" on my A3020 -- I'll slap a logic probe on the I^2C bus and see
what it's playing at.

> BTW, that reminds me. Is it possible to have the ISDN route provide the
> IP address and then mount the root and swap from my NetBSD/sparc 1.4
> box?

To do that, you'll need to arrange the that the router provide a root path
for the R140.  If you can get it to emit arbitrary DHCP options, this
should be possible.  If not, you'll need to run dhcpd on your SPARC (or
use RARP/bootparams).

> Also, are there any particular things to your setup of booting NetBSD
> over the network? I didn't find any information that was relevant to
> either arm32 or arm26.

There's nothing arm26-specific you need to do if you're loading the kernel
from disc.  You'll need a DHCP server and an NFS server, appropriately

> A couple of other things about the probe above:
> 1) The internal ST-506 drive does not seem to have been found.

This isn't surprising -- I don't have a driver for it yet, and since it's
in a fixed place, the kernel doesn't trip over it like it does over
surprising podules.

> IDE Interface (000c:0022) at podulebus0 slot 2 not configured

> 2) The IDE Interface in slot 2 is an HCCS one.

I've added that to sys/arch/arm32/podulebus/podules.  Note that the arm26
podulebus code just prints the podule's on-board description (if it can
find it) rather than having the entire podule list compiled in.

> podulebus0:3: ROM is not 8 bits wide; ignoring it
> podule (a807:5929) at podulebus0 slot 3 not configured

> 3) The card in slot 3 is an AKA-30 SCSI card with a PowerROM from Partis
>    Computing. It does not seem like it works on pre-Risc PC computers,
>    so this is something I will ask Partis about.

Hmm.  From the messages it looks like it's starting up in an odd state,
since the AKA-30 can't take a 16-bit ROM and the podule ID looks like

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