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Re: RPI4 usb, external ssd

mlelstv%serpens.de@localhost (Michael van Elst) writes:

> gdt%lexort.com@localhost (Greg Troxel) writes:
>>I have written arm64.img from the netbsd-10 build.sh release to a uSD
>>(from RC3, but I see no changes since), and have done nothing further
>>with the boot process.  I have until now not grasped that doing this is
>>not an ok approach -- it had seemed like one could boot NetBSD directly
>>from the eeprom/start4.elf with dtbs, and that was reasonable.
> The GENERIC64 kernel assumes that xhci directly attaches to ACPI
> which hides the PCI controller that has been set up by UEFI. That's
> fine for an RPI4 as the only PCI device is xhci.

I see, with UEFI:

  xhci0 at acpi0 (XHC0, PNP0D10-0): mem 0x600000000-0x600000fff irq 175

> If you don't use UEFI/ACPI, then the kernel needs a PCI driver
> and attach xhci to the PCI bus itself. The PCI driver is in tree,
> but not included in the GENERIC64 configuration. It also requests
> the xhci firmware upload so that the device is found.

So to use netbsd-10 on a RPI4, one should be building a custom kernel
with things not in GENERIC64?

Or would you say "on a RPI4, the only reasonable approach (for normal
netbsd users ;-) is UEFI"?

>>I also found that the HDMI didn't seem to work when using native
>>netbsd-10 booting.  I am guessing that this will also get fixed with
>>UEFI firmware boot.
> A regular kernel without UEFI should use the console specified on
> in cmdline.txt and default to keyboard/display. The RPI4 has two
> HDMI ports, we only support one (the left).

I tried them both.  Will see how it goes with UEFI loaded.

Thanks very much for your clarifications.

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