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Re: Raspberry Pi Zero W almost useless

El 9/2/24 a las 15:20, Michael escribió:

On Fri, 9 Feb 2024 06:25:56 +0100
Ramiro Aceves <ea1abz%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

I have also the same problem that I had with the chineese 8188FTV,  as
soon I connect it to the raspberry pi it reboots inmediately. In the
next reboot it works fine. It occurs the same in another Zero W that I
own  with Raspbian and a different power supply. So I doubt that the
culprit is the power supply. The Zero W seems to be a very flaky device
in terms of power supply.
A powered hub should fix that, when a device is plugged directly into the
raspberry pis usb (IIRC only 300mA is available) it can cause reboots.

Oh yes, that would be a right technical fix for the problem but it's a
bit of an aberration in terms of cost and size to use a powered HUB with
its own power supply to fix a little thing like the ZeroW, you know.... ;-)

Just use the hub to power the Pi. I used to do that wit the Pi1 and 2.

have fun

It is a good idea, I never thought it could work.
Many thanks

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