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Why I screwed up my NetBSD system?


Yesterday I think I did something weird. I was running NetBSD 10.99 in my raspberrypi Zero W.

I decided to do an upgrade to NetBSD 10-RC1 using sysupgrade utility. I configured sysupgrade configuration file to download the sets from:


# sysupgrade fetch

I downloaded the sets.

As there is no automated way of upgrading dtb files, firmware and kernel, I downloaded this:


I gunziped and vndconfig the image and mounted the MSDOS partition just to extract the kernel, firmware and rest of stuff, and I put everything in /boot. I did someting like cp -a * /boot. I inspected /boot directory and everything apeared to be fine in place.

# sysupgrade kernel (I think it puts a kernel in / but raspberry pi does not use that.
# sysupgrade modules
# reboot

System rebooted from the RC1 kernel but I could not access the RPI from ssh anymore, and I connected a TV set to see what happened and rebooted again. System started but wpasupplicant sent an error, something like failed a system call. I could not make the network work.

# sysupgrade sets

Sets where untared ok in place.

# sysupgrade etcupdate

just fine if I recalled correctly.

# sysupgrade postinstall

Many errors that I do not recall.

# reboot

reboot command did not work, shutdown -p now did not work. I did /rescue/reboot and paniced.

I rebooted the system removing power supply. The kernel started and showed the usual booting testing drivers. It stopped with init process paniced and kernel debug console appeared.

I broke every think and could not know how to fix it.

I extracted SD card and mounted in other computer. I think there were many "core dump" files in /

I copyied useful files (etc, var, home, root, just important things) in my Intel Nuc 10-RC1 NetBSD system and installed a fresh 10-RC1 system into the SD. Now raspberrypi it is working fine in NetBSD 10RC1 after restoring everything.

What was my mistake? Sorry for the lack of detail but is what I can recall from my poor memory. Just want to know what I did wrong and never do it in the future.

Thanks so much.

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