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bootable cdrom for VPS anyone?


i just aquired a shiny new ARM VPS at netcup.de just to try to get netbsd running on that.
Seemed straightforward, but turns out, it is not.
The system can be set up to boot from cdrom, i used a -current iso from nycdn.netbsd.org.
Unfortunately, that seems to be ignored on boot, but currently support is not able to verify that.
So first question:
is the install iso really bootable? i assumed because there was an incantation for qemu in the docs.

second question is the consequence of my further tries.   I used the install image to copy that over the virtual disk of that server.  That booted into the bootloader just fine, but when the kernel loads, the VPS-console just displays „Guest disabled display“ - and the support asks me wether the kernel supports "virtio-gpu“.  I did not find any reference in the arm secion of netbsd.  so, the question is:
is there an image that has an ppropriate kernel - or the other way around: what magic ist the kernel doing when it outputs its diagnostic boot messages?  Any way to just leave the console in text-mode?


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