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Interesting ethernet link status / state issue


Here's one I've never seen before:


The important bits are:

ifconfig genet0, status shows no carrier
ifconfig genet0 down
ifconfig genet0, staus shows active, media shows 1000baseT

This is a Raspberry Pi 400 running NetBSD 10.0_RC1 from 30-November-2023 sources plugged directly in to an Arris / Nokia BGW320-500 NAT router / wifi / fiber ONT device. This device has tons of issues, so I haven't so far been surprised when devices sometimes don't come up after reboot.

I also had issues with a NanoPi Neo's ethernet and switched to a USB cdce* ethernet, which made things work only slightly better, but I had no local serial console, so I didn't diagnose this before.

Leaving "media autoselect" out of ifconfig.* seems to make things work better, and at very least doesn't lead to what happened above. Note that I've only tried restarting after removing that a few times, and the machines and network are not close to where I am.


John Klos

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