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Re: Arm drivers: are device tree descriptions required for every device?

>> Yes, every device must exist in the device tree (and of course have a relev$

> This is not a true statement.

>> [...]  But in order for the kernel to use a device it must be in the device$

> Again, this is not a true statement.

What I think thorpej means here is (of course, this being thorpej)
true.  But I suspect that widupwm and/or brook are talking about
something else.

There are at least three things here that can reasonably be called the
device tree.

(1) The tree passed from the booter to the kernel.

(2) The tree (or more properly directed graph) of attachments described
by the kernel config.

(3) The tree actually found by autoconf.

I suspect thorpej is talking about (1) but brook and/or widupwm are
talking about (2) or (3).

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