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UVM fault on Orange Pi PC plus


I recently tried running BSD 9.3 on an Orange Pi PC plus board I have here.
I used the dd command to write the supplied image as well as U-boot to an SD card, but it is not running well.  It will often boot, but then take a fault while doing DHCP
or during some other part of system "setup" and I see the following.
I figured I should at least report it.

[  26.1506681] uvm_fault(0x913a71d8, c000, 2) -> e
[  26.1506681] Fatal kernel mode data abort: 'Translation Fault (S)'
[  26.1606687] trapframe: 0xbd73fc38
[  26.1606687] FSR=00000805, FAR=0000c110, spsr=200c0013
[  26.1706686] r0 =0000c100, r1 =00000000, r2 =901d6000, r3 =00000000
[  26.1806685] r4 =90b7f910, r5 =00000000, r6 =00000000, r7 =809582f0
[  26.1806685] r8 =00000000, r9 =04526000, r10=0000000c, r11=bd73fcac
[  26.1906685] r12=901d6000, ssp=bd73fc88, slr=90b7f91c, pc =8037b8d4

Stopped in pid 144.1 (dhcpcd) at netbsd:uvm_pagefree+0x200:      strne
lr, [r0, #0x010]

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