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Re: NetBSD, rPi and e-ink readers

On 16/08/2021 14:20, Robert Swindells wrote:

Ottavio Caruso <ottavio2006-usenet2012%yahoo.com@localhost> wrote:
Thanks but I am not interested in booting NetBSD from the reader. I
only want to use the reader as a screen for the rpi.

What doesn't work if you follow the instructions you have found for
Linux ?

It might help if you posted a link to what you are trying to do.

I didn't say it didn't work. It was/is a speculative question. I don't have a Pi yet. All projects I've seen use dedicated e-ink boards (that is, not your standard Kindle or Kobo, just google "Raspberry Pi" "e-ink", there is one on the Pimoroni forum) and there's not much documentation. I assume those e-ink boards require drivers that might/might not be in the NetBSD kernel? I don't know, I'm just speculating.

Ottavio Caruso

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