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Re: Less usable USB on -current

However, within a half hour of rsyncing, the system invariably panics (or sometimes locks up):

[ 3795.398611] panic: Trap: Data Abort (EL1): Translation Fault L0 with read access for 8000000100000008: pc ffffc000000ada78: ldr x20, [x19,#8]

Following up on my own message, I've booted a -current kernel from mid-September 2020, which is GENERIC64 with only GATEWAY and QUOTA2, then started an rsync.

It has been rsyncing for more than two hours now with no problems.

I can start to try to figure out when things broke, but first I'll finish backing up this 6 or so TB of data and re-mirror the disks, so it may be a while.


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