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Re: problems getting a banana pi to boot off a hard disk (long)


I came upon these posts while reinstalling my own Banana Pi.
Just wanted to mention there is a much easier solution that
can use stock binaries and does not need custom boot scripts:

Remove all partitions from the SD-card.

If U-Boot loads from the SD-card but cannot find any EFI or FAT
partition there it will automatically continue with the AHCI scan and 
load /efi/boot/bootarm.efi from the first gpt EFI System Partition
on the SATA disk. This then continues to load the ELF /netbsd kernel
from the first NetBSD FFS gpt partition.

Kind regards,

On Mon, 31 May 2021 15:04:14 -0700
George Morgan <gmorgan%fastmail.fm@localhost> wrote:

> Dave!
> I am so glad you posted this solution....I had figured I'd never get my poor old Banana Pi M1 to boot directly off sata and would require manual intervention every time I needed to reboot (I have this board hanging off a serial USB adapter just for this problem) but your notes below fixed it all up.
> I really appreciate it!
> Now let's see if I can avoid jacking up my upgrade to NetBSD 9.2...fire in the hole!
> ============================================================================
> Just a quick note that I eventually sorted this. I modified the supplied
> boot.cmd on the sdcard to force it to select the hard disk:
>  if test "${soc}" = "tegra210" ; then
>         # enable PCIe
>         pci enum
> fi
> scsi scan
> scsi dev 0
> setenv bootargs root=wd0
> setenv boot_scripts
> setenv boot_script_dhcp
> run distro_bootcmd
> and then generated a new boot.scr using:
> mkubootimage -A arm -n armv7 -T script boot.cmd boot.scr
> with that done the system boots from the hard disk and only uses the sdcard to 
> pick the u-boot loader and dts files.
> This stuff could do with documenting properly and the page at:
> https://wiki.netbsd.org/ports/evbarm/install_using_sysinst/
> updating with the efi boot stuff.
> Dave
> -- 
>   George Morgan
>   gmorgan%fastmail.fm@localhost

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