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Re: Sharing packages between RPI2 and RPI3B

Mayuresh <mayuresh%acm.org@localhost> writes:

> I wish to use pkgsrc on RPI2 and RPI3B such that the packages made on one
> of them could be installed on the other.
> I'll be installing NetBSD 9.1 on both. Should I use earmv7hf or aarch64,
> keeping above requirement in mind?

Either MACHINE_ARCH should allow cross usage, assuming it runs on both

> From [1]
>    RPI2 uses "earmv7hf".
>    RPI2-1.2 uses "earmv7hf" or "aarch64" (armv8 CPU hardware)
>    RPI3 uses "earmv7hf" or "aarch64" (armv8 CPU hardware)
> Just confused reading the above. Would either of them work on both? And in
> that case how do I decide?

It is confusing, but basically there are two things called RPI2.  The
first one, as I understand it, has a CPU that supports armv7 only.  The
second one, labeled -1.2, has a CPU that supports aarch64/armv8.

So if you can install aarch64 on the RPI2 you have, that seems workable.

A year or so ago, I might have advised you to stick to earmv7hf if you
wanted stability but assuming 9.1, I think they are both stable, and in
general I think people are paying more attention to desktop things on
aarch64, in terms of putting in the energy to struggle with rust, etc.
But I'm not really sure - I have 3 RPI3 systems running, but none of
them is doing anything desktoppish.

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