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Re: pinebook status update (20200822)

From: Jun Ebihara <jun%soum.co.jp@localhost>
Subject: pinebook status update (20200822)
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2020 06:11:02 +0900 (JST)

> - firefox79 works fine.
>  zoom meeting with firefox76 on NetBSD/aarch64 on pinebook pro 
>  with UserAgent switcher addon. camera fail into unknown error.
>  https://twitter.com/ebijun/status/1278568810589466624
> "change the "OpenBSD" to "FreeBSD" in general.useragent.override 
>  at about:config.From #NetBSD, it's the same."
>  https://twitter.com/yoshi_kaw/status/1287284005415526400

rjs@ advice me to test wip/libv4l,so I make it.

and recompiled firefox with libv4l-1.18.1

XXX: on my environment,
XXX: when firefox compile stacked,need
XXX: echo "sdafjadkfjasodpa" > /dev/urandom
XXX: to continue compile.
Jun Ebihara

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