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Installing NetBSD on RPI 4: late arrival

Hi All,
    I would install NetBSD on a Raspi 4 (8gb of memory). I have read
some messages on this list but I can only guess how to do a such installation.

I have had a quick look in the mail list archive without finding messages
helpful with this installation. I have perhaps not looked carefully
enough, however.

What I have understood are the following points:
          * UEFI seems to be used
          * An recent image should be downloaded and copied on a disk
            or SD card with dd (this is quite standard for all OS on
          * The serial console is not mandatory but could help
          * Some boot decisions (device for the root file system for
            instance) can be made at the UEFI prompt

What I would know is that if a procedure describing the whole process

The thread "HOWTO: USB boot on 8 GB RPi4 with no SD card" seems
to be a good starting point, is it sufficient to install NetBSD on a
disk (SD card or not)?

Any pointer to the direction to search would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards

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